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Schefter: Adrian Peterson Probably Won't Be Back Any Time Soon

Bob Levey

If you're of the impression that Adrian Peterson is going to be back on the field for the Minnesota Vikings any time soon. . .well, prepare to be disappointed.

Adam Schefter of ESPN just put the following on the Twitter:

The post, which goes on to his FaceBook page, reads as follows in its entirety:

NFL advised Adrian Peterson this afternoon that following his plea agreement to resolve his criminal case in Texas his matter will now be reviewed for potential discipline under the NFL's Personal Conduct Policy. As part of the process, the NFL has requested that Peterson submit relevant information regarding his case and meet with designated experts who will make recommendations for the Commissioner's consideration. Peterson also will have the opportunity to have a hearing prior to the issuance of any discipline.

Pending completion of the process, Peterson's status on the Reserve/Commissioner Exempt list will remain unchanged.

So now the matter has to be reviewed, including a potential hearing for Peterson. And after that, any sort of discipline will be determined by the league.

With that in mind, I wouldn't expect Adrian Peterson back any time soon. I certainly wouldn't expect him back in time for the Chicago game or the Green Bay game, and maybe not after that, either.

The NFL seems awfully determined to drag its feet on this. Now you have to wonder whether or not the NFLPA will get involved at some point.