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FanDuel Week 10: No Bye Week Here

Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

As expected, my quest to put together a "winning streak" over at FanDuel did not bear any fruit, as I finished out of the money in my league again. That means that, in nine attempts this season, I've only managed to make the money once.

I thought about taking my own "bye week" for this week's FanDuel action, but then thought better of it. Besides, I discovered you can enter a league on FanDuel for as little as $1, which is exactly what I'm doing this week. It's a contest called the "$30K Sunday NFL Dive," where first place can net you $2,250. Not that I've got a snowball's chance, given my track record thus far, but hey. . .you can't win if you don't play, right?

So, here's my lineup for this week:

QB - Peyton Manning (at Oakland) - $10,000
RB - Frank Gore (at New Orleans) - $6,800
RB - Justin Forsett (vs Tennessee) - $6,500
WR - Antonio Brown (at New York Jets) - $9,100
WR - Odell Beckham (at Seattle) - $6,600
WR - Dwayne Bowe (at Buffalo) - $6,000
TE - Scott Chandler (vs Kansas City) - $5,000
K - Graham Gano (at Philadelphia) - $4,800
D - Dallas (vs Jacksonville in London) - $5,200

A slightly different strategy from what I normally employ. . .Manning and Brown are the top-rated players at their positions by FanDuel this week, so I had to go a little less expensive everywhere else. I generally try to spread things out a little bit more, but that damn sure hasn't been working so far, so it's time to change things up.

Obviously no report this week on how much it will cost you to field an all-Vikings team this week, but that will be back for Week 11.

That's this week's FanDuel update, ladies and gentlemen. I hope your FanDuel experience for this week ends up much more successful than mine most likely will.