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NFL Approves New Personal Conduct Policy; NFLPA Not Terribly Impressed

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

The National Football League approved a new Personal Conduct Policy on Wednesday. Rather than attempt to detail everything that the policy contains, here is a helpful PDF of what it contains for you to read at your own leisure.

It looks like quite a bit, doesn't it? You can also get the policy right here.

Well, the following is the entirety of the NFLPA's response to said Personal Conduct Policy.

NFLPA Response To Conduct Policy

Apparently the National Football League put together a whole new Personal Conduct Policy and couldn't even be bothered to include the players. . .you know, the people that are going to be the most affected by said policy. . .into the process at all.

It's pretty reasonable that the NFLPA isn't happy. Then again, in the last collective bargaining negotiations, they basically ceded all of this power to the league, so they haven't got anyone to blame but themselves on that front.

So, I guess that if a player runs afoul of the law going forward, they'll be subject to this new policy. Unless Roger Goodell feels like doing something different. Then something else will happen, even if he (or one of his representatives) tells the person in question something different.

Hypothetically, of course.