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Adrian Peterson Could Be On Field By Start Of 2015 Season

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

In the wake of Adrian Peterson's appeal being upheld by arbitrator Harold Henderson, there have been a couple of tweets like this one from Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network:

The speculation had been that if Peterson's suspension was upheld, he would be suspended for the final three games of this season and the first three games of next season as well. However, it appears that if Peterson is reinstated to the league on 15 April (the first date he is eligible to be considered for reinstatement), he would be able to go through training camp and be on the field for the season opener for 2015. He will still lose six game checks, but that doesn't necessarily mean his suspension will last beyond the end of this season as far as getting on the field.

Will the team he's with at that time be the Minnesota Vikings? Well, like I told the folks from Pride of Detroit during our Five Good Questions for this week, that's the $13 million question. . .and one that we'll examine more closely over the next couple of days.