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Minnesota Vikings News and Notes, December 15th

A roundup of everything Vikings

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Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Well, it's not a victory Monday, but hey, I guess it could be worse. Like Leslie Frazier used to say, I saw some good things yesterday. But in this case, I really did.

Anyways, if you want to review anything regarding the game, we have it all here in our Lions game stream.

Included: some guy who finally got off his butt and did an SMR after a two week hiatus. Thanks to Chris and Eric for picking up my slack while I was unable.

If the draft were to be held today, the Vikings would be holding the #11 overall pick.

In your Adrian Peterson Daily, the running back is expected to file a lawsuit against the NFL today over his season long suspension.

As for your Monday music selection, hmmm. After a loss like this, all you can do is shake it off, shake it off.

Beer light is on and the bar is open. Standard open thread rules apply: Politics, no. Religion, no. Swearing, no, or use the spoiler blocks. GIFs, work safe. Enjoy your Monday as we get ready to take our talents to South Beach on Sunday.