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Minnesota Vikings 2015 Schedule: Opponents Nearly Set

The 2015 season is still 9 months away but the Vikings already have a pretty good idea of who they'll be playing next year.

Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

With the Vikings officially "playing out the string" against the Dolphins and Bears the last two weeks of the 2014 season, let's take a peek at who the Vikes will be taking on as they march to the Super Bowl in 2015.

OK that declaration might be a little premature, especially considering who Minnesota has to play next year. Fourteen of the team's 16 games are already set: six games against the NFC North and eight games against the NFL's West divisions. As it currently stands, here is who the Vikings will take on next year:

Vikings 2015 opponents
Home Away
CHI Chicago Bears CHI Chicago Bears
DET Detroit Lions DET Detroit Lions
GB Green Bay Packers GB Green Bay Packers
STL St. Louis Rams ARI Arizona Cardinals
SEA Seattle Seahawks SF San Francisco 49ers
KAN Kansas City Chiefs DEN Denver Broncos
SD San Diego Chargers OAK Oakland Raiders
NYG New York Giants* ATL Atlanta Falcons*

* = Subject to change depending on where teams finish in their respective divisions

The only two games that could change are the last home and away games listed. The Giants are guaranteed to finish third in the NFC East but the Vikings could still drop to last in the NFC North, which means they would host the Washington Redskins instead. Meanwhile, the NFC South is a vast array of suck so visiting the New Orleans Saints, Carolina Panthers, or Tampa Bay Buccaneers next season is all still in play for the Vikings.

Of course lots can change between now and the 2015 season, but at first blush it seems that Minnesota will have a pretty tough schedule next year. The NFC West is stacked, along with 3/4 of the AFC West. Which games are you most excited about? Which games are you most worried about? Let us know in the comments.