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Adrian Peterson Appeal: Settlement Possible?

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

The hearing for Adrian Peterson's appeal against the National Football League just ended, and Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk. . .who, as I'm sure everyone already knows, is a lawyer in his own right. . .has offered up an interesting tidbit on the situation as it pertains to Troy Vincent. Vincent is said to have had a conversation with Peterson about what sort of discipline he was facing in this matter.

Here's what Florio has to say about it.

The ruling comes after the NFL Players Association submitted on Peterson's behalf a transcript and audiotape of conversations between Peterson and Vincent, during which Vincent allegedly said that Peterson would get credit for "time served" while suspended with pay, and that the new domestic violence policy would not apply retroactively.

Vincent could testify as soon as Thursday. Don't be shocked if the case settles before then. According to the source, Henderson has encouraged the parties to try to resolve the case. For the league office, a settlement will be the only way to keep Vincent from having to testify.

Well, that certainly isn't what I was expecting to hear. The "neutral" third party, who many (including myself) wasn't anything even approaching "neutral," has encouraged the league and Peterson's camp to settle this case rather than drag it out.

Now, not being a lawyer myself, it seems like this is something that doesn't bode terribly well for the league. If Harold Henderson has seen the transcripts of Vincent's conversations with Peterson and decided that he wants to hear from Vincent himself, it may mean that he's been compelled to think that Peterson's punishment should come to an end. Maybe I'm misreading that, I don't know. That's just the gut feeling I have about it.

If Vincent does testify, we'll get to hear about it on Thursday. If a settlement happens. . .well, Adrian Peterson might be back sooner than anyone thinks, and the Minnesota Vikings are going to have a decision on their hands.