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Chad Greenway's Father Passes Away

Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

When we brought you the final injury reports on Friday leading up to Sunday's game between the Minnesota Vikings and the Miami Dolphins, the team said that linebacker Chad Greenway had missed Friday's practice to deal with a "personal issue," but gave no specifics beyond that. We now know what Greenway was dealing with.

Greenway's father, Alan, lost his two-year battle with leukemia on Friday. He was 56 years old. Greenway went back to his home in South Dakota to be with family and friends.

Greenway made the trip to Miami with the team and, from all accounts, will start today against the Dolphins. No word on anything beyond that, however. Alan Greenway's funeral is scheduled to be held on Tuesday in Greenway's home town of Mt. Vernon, South Dakota.

We here at The Daily Norseman send our condolences to Chad Greenway and to the rest of his family in their time of loss.