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Minnesota Vikings Power Rankings Roundup, Week 17

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The second-to-last installment of our Power Rankings Roundup for this season has the Vikings. . .well, not moving very much, as seems to have been the case lately. By this point in the season, there really aren't going to be a lot of sudden big moves around the Power Rankings, I don't think. This week, we have folks dropping the Vikings down, folks holding them steady, and a couple of places even bumping them up a bit.

Here is the numerical data for this week.

Average Ranking (Number of Rankings) 23.125 (8)
Average Change from Last Week -1.125
Highest Ranking (Source) 21 (Kirwan)
Lowest Ranking (Source) 25 (SB Nation)
Biggest Positive/Smallest Negative Change (Source) +1 (Kirwan/USA Today)
Largest Negative/Smallest Positive Change (Source) -4 (Fox Sports)

And here is a look at the graphical representation of this week's data.

Minnesota Vikings Power Rankings, Week 17

So, what are the experts saying? Let's have a look at the Roundup.

SB Nation: 25th (Last week: 24th)

No team-specific commentary N/A (Last week: 21st)

Once again, nothing. . .but I keep adding their data points to the graph.

Fox Sports: 23rd (Last week: 19th)

Teddy Bridgewater is growing and we've even seen glimpses of the touch that he displayed on his passes at Louisville. With the pieces in place on defense and another season under Mike Zimmer's scheme, the Vikings could be a team to watch in 2015.

USA Today: 23rd (Last week: 24th)

In poker parlance, they saw Miami's meltdown and raised them a complete and utter implosion by allowing nine points in final 71 seconds.

Yahoo! Shutdown Corner: 24th (Last week: 21st)

Nobody really cared because it didn't matter to the playoff race, but they put on an absolute clinic on how to blow a game late in the fourth quarter at Miami on Sunday.

Pat Kirwan, CBS Sports: 21st (Last week: 22nd)

I've seen enough of Teddy Bridgewater to believe he can become a winning QB in the NFL. Mike Zimmer will keep pushing the defense until they are a top-notch unit. Getting Adrian Peterson back next year would sure help their cause.

Pete Prisco, CBS Sports: 22nd (Last week: 22nd)

They have to be thrilled with the progress being made by Teddy Bridgewater. The future looks bright. 24th (Last week: 22nd)

Definitely disappointing to not come out of Miami with a "W," yet there are still so many reasons to be enthusiastic about this team. Teddy Bridgewater continues to prove that trading up to draft him was the right move, as the rookie quarterback logged his third 110-plus passer rating in the past four games. The culprit for Minnesota on Sunday was the defense, which simply could not get off the field on third down.

ESPN: 23rd (Last week: 23rd)

Teddy Bridgewater threw for 259 yards with two touchdowns as Minnesota put up 35 points on Miami (sixth in QBR allowed this year). The offense looks close to stabilized.

As you can see, it really is all about the Teddy at this point. I know we're thrilled with him, and it appears that at least a few others are finally beginning to understand why.

We'll have the final installment of our Power Rankings Roundup next week after the. . .sigh. . .regular season finale. Hopefully there will be more of a consensus about our favorite football team, and that the consensus will be a move upwards.