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Duron Carter To Visit Minnesota Vikings Early

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Wide receiver Duron Carter, the son of Minnesota Vikings' legend Cris Carter, has apparently changed some of his plans on his path to get back into the National Football League.

Initially, it was said that Carter the Younger was going to have a Pro Day for NFL teams to attend in early January. Now, however, it appears that it isn't going to go that way.

So, who are the four teams that have already scheduled those meetings? Well, given the site you're reading this story on, you've probably already guessed one of them.

It continues to be reported that Indianapolis is the "favorite" for Duron Carter. I'm not entirely sure why that would be the case. I mean, I know the Colts have Andrew Luck and everything and not a whole lot going on at wide receiver, but. . .well, you know, the Vikings have receiver issues and a young quarterback that's asserting himself pretty nicely thus far, too.

I'm not sure if his dad would get in his ear about the experience of playing in Minnesota, either, but considering that the Vikings once gave Cris Carter a second chance to make something of himself in the NFL, I would think anything he might have to say to his son would be positive.

While the 6'5", 205-pound Carter would be a nice asset to add to the Vikings' receiver corps, I don't think it would necessarily preclude them from taking a receiver early in the 2015 NFL Draft. Still, the National Football League is all about accumulating talent, and if Duron Carter has gotten past some of the work ethic issues that plagued him in college and his first attempt at making the National Football League, it certainly wouldn't hurt the Vikings to bring him in.