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Mocking The Draft Forecasts A Cardinals Reunion

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

We're going to be looking at plenty of mock drafts over the next few months, to be sure. Yes, the Mock Draft Database will be back for a third year, but we're going to hold off on that until closer to the Scouting Combine.

For now, I want to highlight the first mock since the Top 20 picks were determined from our friends over at Mocking the Draft. With the #11 overall pick, Dan Kadar is forecasting a reunion of former Louisville Cardinals teammates for the Minnesota Vikings, as he has the team tabbing Louisville wide receiver DeVante Parker.

The idea of going with Teddy Bridgewater's top target in college is too good to pass over. Parker and Kevin White of West Virginia are both highly rated, but Bridgewater's timing with Parker has real value. Offensive linemen, a pass rusher and a middle linebacker are other options for the Vikings.

I know that a lot of folks are going to love this idea, and if it were to happen I wouldn't necessarily hate it. . .but given the options that are available on the board when the Vikings make this selection, the guy I would be absolutely pounding the table for is Washington linebacker Shaq Thompson. The idea of Thompson and Anthony Barr backing up the Vikings' front line is something that would be too good to pass up, and Thompson has the versatility to play either inside or outside linebacker, which is the sort of flexibility that Mike Zimmer covets.

But, like I said, we'll have plenty of time to discuss all of this going forward. I just sort of wanted to highlight the mock from the folks at MtD and get the draft discussion going in earnest.