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Blair Walsh Is An Attractive Kicker

"I call this one 'Purple Steel.'"
"I call this one 'Purple Steel.'"
Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Every once in a while, I get a link from the folks at the mothership that comes from so far out in left field that it needs to be shared. Today is one of those times.

Ryan Nanni, who many of you probably follow on his Twitter account (@celebrityhottub) has ranked the National Football League's. . .I can't believe I'm writing this. . ."beautiful, boy-band worthy kickers." The criteria, as you can probably judge from the title, is all about physical attractiveness and appears to have little to nothing to do with actual kicking ability.

(Nanni calls things like this his "absurd power rankings" for a reason, you know.)

In Nanni's opinion. . .whatever that opinion might be based on. . .the name at the top of the list is Minnesota Vikings' placekicker Blair Walsh. There are head shots for each of the kickers in the league so you can judge for yourself. . .you know, if you want to.

And, ladies, it appears as though Mr. Walsh is single. I think he's single, anyway. What am I, TMZ?

At the bottom of the list is a tie between Atlanta kicker Matt Bryant and San Francisco kicker Phil Dawson. In Dawson's defense, I think he's in about his 24th NFL season or something.

Walsh has been pretty good at the kicking thing during his tenure in Minnesota. But it appears that, if he wasn't, he might be able to get by on his looks after all.

This information really isn't terribly relevant to anything, but it's out there. . .do with it what you will.