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FanDuel Week 14: Another League For Daily Norseman Readers!

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A couple of weeks ago, we had our own league on for Daily Norseman readers, and it was relatively successful. . .so much so that we're going to do the same thing for Week 14 of NFL action.

If you follow this link right here, you can get into this week's Daily Norseman FanDuel League. It's the same basic setup as the last time we had one of these leagues. . .the buy-in will be $5, with a $250 guaranteed prize pool, regardless of the number of entries. The prize structure is as follows:

1st: $50.00
2nd: $40.00
3rd: $35.00
4th: $30.00
5th: $25.00
6th: $20.00
7th - 8th: $15.00
9th - 10th: $10.00

In addition, if you're a new FanDuel user and want to get involved with this (or any other FanDuel league), you can sign up using the code SBNATION32 for a 100% sign-up bonus. Again, this is for first-time sign-ups only. . .if you already have an account with FanDuel, you are not eligible for the bonus.

This could be a good week to load up on members of the Minnesota Vikings. Their opponents this week, the New York Jets, haven't been very good on either side of the ball so far this season. On offense, they're averaging just 15.8 points per game (30th in the NFL), and defensively they're allowing 26.6 points/game (26th in the NFL). They aren't giving away much in the way of yardage, but they're second from the bottom in the NFL in turnover ratio at -12 (only the Oakland Raiders are worse).

Since we've missed it the past couple of weeks, here's the cost of filling an entire roster with Minnesota Vikings' players this week.

QB - Teddy Bridgewater - $7,100
RB - Matt Asiata - $5,700
RB - Ben Tate - $5,400
WR - Greg Jennings - $6,100
WR - Charles Johnson - $6,000
WR - Cordarrelle Patterson - $5,400
TE - Kyle Rudolph - $5,200 (NOTE: You might want to grab him this week. The Jets are terrible against tight ends.)
K - Blair Walsh - $4,900
D - Minnesota - $5,000 (NOTE: This would probably be a pretty good get, too.)

Total - $50,800

This is based on Jerick McKinnon being out on Sunday (he's been declared as such. . .injury reports will be coming here shortly). For the receivers, I just took the three highest-priced Vikings that FanDuel had available.

So, jump on into our FanDuel league for Daily Norseman readers for this week, folks. And if you haven't already signed up for FanDuel, get your 100% sign-up bonus with the code SBNATION32.