Bridgewater up for two awards this week

Never say Never: Week 14

Rookie of the Week: Week 14

My thought is that Wright should have been nominated for the never say never award, even though it was a solid team play that wouldn't have worked without contributions from Bridgewater, Rudy, Jennings and Sully, Wright caught a high pass, made a guy miss, and then really turned on those afterburners. He should get a lot more credit for what he did, especially when you consider how big of a contribution he had during the half-minute drill right before OT.

I think the receivers might have cost Bridgewater a back-to-back rookie of the week award if he doesn't win it this week. The Johnson fumble probably did more harm here than the INT at the end of the first half. I think that was a pretty solid throw/catch that's not included in the highlights, and it hurt Bridgewater's TD numbers and passer rating.

It's a fan vote, so I have a feeling Bridgewater's got a fair shot at it even if Carr was better on paper. I will say that I don't think Carr had a pass as beautiful as the Bridgewater to Johnson 50 yard TD play, but Carr had a lot of really fantastic bullets 10-20 yards down field.

Both of these guys are looking great.

While looking around for these nominations, I wound up finding a "name the play" vote as well. The game winning pass is included this week, if you're curious.

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