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Minnesota Vikings News And Notes: Feb 10th

Another work week means another week of open threads, whether you like it or not

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Welcome back kids. I hope your weekend was a good one. Well, I can't sugarcoat it anymore--it's Monday, and Mondays kinda blow, so let's get to it. Since last we brought you an open thread, the Vikings world kind of blew up with news:

The Vikings released pictures of the new stadium. It's going to be awesome, and as Fearless Leader said in the post while quoting Seinfeld... It's real, and it's spectacular.

CCNorseman asked what the Vikings should do with Chad Greenway. Most of you support keeping him while re-structuring his contract.

Rick Spielman and Mike Zimmer went up to Arctic Blast, and spoke to the press. We translated via the Rickspeak Amplitudinal Transmogrifier 3000.

DT Fred Evans has a sister on the US Olympic Team at Sochi. Good luck, Aja!

CCNorseman also checked in with his first consensus draft rankings.

It's not like Stalin's Army Purge in the 1930's or anything like that, but the Vikings are starting to clean house.

The Vikings released their 'Stadium Builder's Plan fees, aka seat licenses, for the new fans. Even Warren Buffet thinks it's pretty pricey.

From elsewhere around the Web:

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel would like the NFL draft to be held in Chicago. As an incentive, he'll hand out complimentary bullet proof vests for those that attend live.

Sid Hartman thinks Norv Turner will give Christian Ponder a fair shot to be the starter.

1500 ESPN's Derek Wetmore bemoans the way the Wilfs are paying for their part of the stadium, then says at the end he isn't bemoaning it.

This is the new Vikings defensive back coach:

So that's pretty cool.

Robert Smith chronicles his battle with alcoholism.

Our musical selection for today is a shout out to Susanna Hoffs, former lead singer for the Bangles. If you were a guy growing up in the 1980's and you didn't, at least at one point, have a crush on her, you didn't really grow up in the 80's:

Open thread rules remain the same, and enjoy your Monday as best you can.