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Live Norse Code Podcast, #27 at Noon Central—What Makes a Great Coach, with Guest QuantCoach

Norse Code will broadcast live for the first time! You'll be able to call in and listen to what we sound like when we don't have a plan or some post-production that hides our lack of a plan.

We ask QuantCoach, who runs the QuantCoach website with comprehensive coaching statistics (beyond "wins") as well as the ever-informative twitter account, @QuantCoach. He is the son of a football coach, and currently a lawyer in Ohio who has also done some broadcast work for local Ohio football.

The podcast has concluded! Download the podcast here, or listen below.

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No Episode notes today, except you might want to follow along at Quant Coaches coaching statistics, which are designed to measure play design against player performance and separate out the contributions of design capital to performance capital.

As always, find us on iTunes and Stitcher by searching for us in those applications, or subscribe to our RSS feed. If BlogTalkRadio is not your thing, that's too bad because we've moved completely to BTR.

Once again, contact me at arifmhasan (at) gmail dot com or the podcast at NorseCodePodcast (at) gmail dot com. Follow us on twitter at @NorseCodeDN or just me at @ArifHasanDN.

We'll have to answer off-the-cuff and with no safety net! It'll be a disaster, so please join in.