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Vikings News And Notes: Valentine's Day Edition

Happy Valentine's Day! Come commiserate or celebrate with fellow Vikings fans

You're welcome.
You're welcome.

Happy Valentine's Day kids. I started celebrating a little early last night, so keep it down because I killed my good friend Capt. Morgan last night.

Since last we brought you an open thread:

Fearless Leader muses about trading for Ryan Mallet. The last time I saw him, he was getting his ass kicked by Ohio State in the Sugar Bowl a few years back.

Arif did a live podcast, which as pretty cool.

From elsewhere around the web:

Former Bears GM Jerry Angelo rates every Vikings QB from last season as no more than an 'emergency starter. Yes, the same Jerry Angelo who traded eleventy picks for Jay Cutler.

Jeff Hurd, who was on the strength and conditioning staff in San Diego when NORV! Turner was head coach, will now be assistant S and C coach with the Vikings.

Bob Sansavere asks about a sports Mount Rushmore. Who ya got for the local teams, especially the Vikings?

Today's music is for you bitter, cynical, lonely human beings who like to bag on a made up holiday. You go, hipster bros, you go. Ironically, of course:

Open thread rules remain the same. For you non-cynical types, have a good time tonight with your significant other. She (or he, for the ladies out there) deserves it for putting up with you, more than likely.