The RB situation (or how i learned to love our practice squad RBs)

First off i'm not opposed to any of the RB in the draft i just don't see the need to draft a RB in this draft unless someone drops in the draft. It also come to my attention that we current have five RBs on our team, either on the active roster or on our practice squad.
Those are:
Adrian Peterson--UC-6'1" 216lbs
-1266 yard season and being 5th in rushing is a down year for the best back in the NFL and he missed 2 games and was limited in a few others.
-he has never had less than 10 TDs in a season.
-he is currently 28 yrs old
Toby Gerhart--FA -6' 231lbs
-most likely about to leave and be a starter for another team. if i was the niners i look into him Gore is getting old and Gerhart seems the type of back they like but then again they also draft more of a scat back.
-Gerhart had a heck of a season averaging a huge 7.9 yards per carry. Which is not sustainable but it does show that he has a great burst and vision and if the line can give him a crease he will take it.
Matt Asiata--ERFA (Exclusive rights Free Agent)-5' 11" 229lbs
-Asiata has been the 3rd string RB for the team the last two years and got 2 starts at the end due to injury at the end of the year.
-One was the Eagles trumping he had a terrible 1.7 ypc 30 carries for 51 yards but they were effective in that it kept to def from going totally towards the pass defense. he also ran in 3 TDs that game which by the way was more rushing TDs than the browns had as an entire team in 2013.
-the next game was the detroit game in which he had 14 carries for 114 yards a very nice 8.2 ypc.
- I think he could replace the production we get out of Gerhart as Gerhart doesnt see the field as much unless its a 3rd and long or Peterson is injured.
-Asiata also has been used as a FB and is a big player on special teams.
Joe Banyard-UC-5'11" 213lbs
-was on and off the PS this season. his only stat was an eleven yard catch against the Bengals.
-not much to say on him as he has the size and speed.
-he was a returner in college, but that probably wont help him get a Roster spot in 2014 with Patterson and Sherels.
Bradley Randle--5'7" 190lbs
-he was a fan favorite during Training Camp last season.
-He is a fast scat back he ran a 4.45 at the combine.
-He has shown to go whole hog into this team as we gave him a chance. (this is based off his twitter name and feed)
Zach Line--6' 1" 230lbs
-Yes he is considered a FB on the old roster, but he was a running back in college albeit from the FB position (which can add wrinkles to an Offense).

So based on what happens with Asiata i could see the Depth chart being

Banyard/Randle -- battling it out during training camp

Jerome Felton
Zach Line

though i do expect a couple more running backs to be added but they will more than likely be UFDAs

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