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Rick Spielman Makes Enemies On Valentine's Day


Rick Spielman, general manager of the Minnesota Vikings, has done a great deal of talking over the past couple of days while simultaneously managing to not say a whole lot of anything. But, per's Ben Goessling, he said something that's probably going to make a lof of people irrationally angry.

Now, we don't know where the Vikings are going to draft a quarterback. They will draft one, but it might be in the first round. . .it may be in the second round. . .or it may be even later.

It's also a good bet that the Vikings are going to be bringing in a veteran quarterback this off-season, too. Will it be bringing back Matt Cassel? Will it be another veteran that's floating around out there? Again, nobody knows.

But, according to Spielman, Christian Ponder will be back for the final season of his rookie contract with the Minnesota Vikings in 2014.

An article from about the situation has stated that Christian Ponder "doesn't exactly fit" the Norv Turner offense. Our own Arif Hasan has told us (in comments in various stories) that none of the current crop of free agent quarterbacks are fits for it, either. They're both probably right on those fronts.

There's a chance that this is just "Rickspeak" and so forth. . .after all, we've seen this before leading up to the free agency and draft season. However, it looks like the only current quarterback on the Minnesota Vikings' roster at the present time is going to stay there. It makes sense, unless your hatred for Christian Ponder is completely irrational and off the charts. (Do we know anyone like that?)