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2014 Olympics: Women's Bobsledding Today In Sochi

Al Bello

Correction to the article below: It appears that Aja Evans is, in fact, paired with Jamie Greubel after all. The source I was using had the pairings incorrect when I was doing the original piece. The Evans/Greubel team currently sits in third place going into the final two runs, which will take place this morning. My apologies for the error. -Chris

The 2014 Winter Olympics are winding down. . .no, really, they are (even though it seems like they just started), and we once again want to point your attention to the Women's Bobsledding competition, particularly the 2-man-woman competition that starts today in Sochi.

As we mentioned when the Olympics were getting started, Aja Evans is a member of one of the teams that will be competing for the United States. Evans is the younger sister of current Vikings' defensive tackle Fred Evans, and has made the transition from track and field to bobsledding.

Evans and Elana Myers will have an opportunity to set the tone early for their teammates and the rest of the field, as they will be the second team competing on this first day of their competition. (I thought that Evans was going to be sharing a sled with Jamie Greubel, but Greubel will be paired with Lauryn Williams instead.) The competition starts at 9:15 AM Central time, and I'm not sure how NBC will be handling it. I doubt that it will be live, but there's no doubt you can get updated results via Twitter and other means.

Going ahead of the Myers/Evans team will be the gold medal favorites, Canada's Heather Moyse and Kaillie Humphries. The German duo of Franziska Fritz and Sandra Kiriasis are one to keep an eye on as well. All three of the United States teams and all three of the German teams will be in the first seven duos to take to the run this morning.

The first two runs of the competition are today, while the final two runs will take place tomorrow. The team with the fastest total time for those four runs will bring home the gold medal.

The U.S. women have medaled in the 2-person bobsled every year since it was introduced in 2002. Hopefully Aja Evans will be a part of the team that continues that trend.