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Super Bowl Sunday Pre Game Open Thread

What are you making? What will you be watching in the lead up to the game? What bets, friendly or otherwise, do you have on the game?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Hey gang, happy Super Bowl Sunday!  We'll have an open thread for the game, but for now, it's the game before the game.  Lots of pointless yet important stuff to talk about before the last meaningful football game until September is played.

For example, what kind of food will you prepare for today?  Post a pic of it.  Are you going to a Super Bowl party? Are you hosting one?

Did anyone make any bets on the game?  We talked a bout some of the crazy prop bets you can make, if you're so inclined.

With the advent of all the pre-game stuff over the years, are you going to sit and watch any of it?  When the Vikes make the Super Bowl next year, waiting around all day will make me a nervous wreck. ;)  A couple other newsworthy items:

CCNorseman discussed what the Vikings biggest needs are heading into free agency and the draft.

The NFL Hall of Fame class of 2014 was announced last night. Congratulations to the newest inductees.

Remember, here's all the broadcast info for the game, and we'll have our game thread up sometime around an hour before the game or so.  For now, enjoy all the pre-game talk right here.