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Report: Salary Cap To Jump To $130 Million


The other day, I let you know that the Minnesota Vikings were going to have approximately $23 million in salary cap space to use during the upcoming free agency season. That figure was based on the cap being at approximately $126 million. However, ESPN's Adam Schefter is reporting that, apparently, the Vikings (and every other team in the NFL) will have more money to work with.

The cap will be going up to a higher level than was originally projected, which is good for players everywhere.

Now, I'm not sure how (if at all) this will affect the Vikings' attempts to re-sign any of their own pending free agents, particularly defensive end Everson Griffen, who appears to be the Vikings' primary target among their in-house guys. But if the Vikings don't pursue any of their own free agents, they'll have plenty hanging around to pursue other players in free agency.