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The Metrodome Is Blowing Up, Yo

Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sport

We've been keeping an eye on the demolition of the Metrodome, and if there are any idiots out there that still don't think the Minnesota Vikings are getting a new stadium, we would like to submit the following.

Yes, that's a good portion of what's left. . .or what was left. . .of the Metrodome. The explosion was to take down a "roof ring," according to the Minneapolis Star-Tribune. After an incident earlier in the week where a beam fell out of sequence during the demolition, it was decided that the safest way to continue that portion of the demolition was to use a controlled explosion.

We probably don't have to document everything that takes place relating to the destruction of the Metrodome. However, I'm relatively sure that it annoys all of the "LOS ANGELES VIKINGS HERP DERP" folks out there. Really, that's good enough for me.

New stadium is going to be awesome, by the way.