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Vikings News And Notes, Feb 24

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Mike Zimmer reacts to the Metrodome getting blown up.
Mike Zimmer reacts to the Metrodome getting blown up.
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Monday kids. My Girl Scout thin mint cookies are here, so imma make this brief, because they go fantastical with my coffee. Monday is now tolerable. Since last we had an open thread:

The Metrodome got blown the eff up. I am overjoyed.

We now have Zimmerspeak, and it is glorious.

Mock draft database 1.0 is out. With pie charts, graphs, and beer. Well, two out of three.

SB Nation and Fearless Leader did a Google+ hangout with Derek Carr, a quarterback the Vikings might or might not be taking a serious look at in the upcoming draft.

Rick Spielman spoke at the combine, and we are all the wiser for it.

From elsewhere around the web:

The mothership is killing it for NFL Combine coverage.

Zim expects superduperstar Adrian Peterson back for minicamp after his groin surgery.

Pat Reusse reminisces about the 1969 Vikings. For once, he wrote something that isn't bitter and cynical. I KNOW RIGHT!

In an ode to the Metrodome getting torn down, here's a John Cougar Mellencamp classic. Can't get the video to embed, for some reason. So please, click to enjoy.

Enjoy your open thread--rules remain the same.