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Want A Sneak Peek At The New Stadium? Check Out The New Stadium Preview Center

Suite mock ups, proposed stadium seat views, and more

Minnesota Vikings

As the rubble of the Metrodome is cleared away, the Vikings unveil a little more of the new stadium, and it keeps getting better and better.  A little while ago over at, the team announced the opening of a Stadium Preview Center, which will provide fans a sneak preview of some of the amenities in the new stadium.

As part of the preview center, fans will have the opportunity to see several things about the new facility.  The video, hosted by Steve LaCroix, walks you through the center, starting out with a stadium mock up.  The model of the stadium, which is 100:1 scale, looks like it will be the coolest damn stadium in the Western Hemisphere.  The graphics from the fly through videos we've seen are impressive, but actually seeing a full scale replica of the building, and just how big the doors, the clear roof, and the building as a whole will be compared to the Metrodome...well, it's stunning.  There's no other word for it.


You also get to see two suite mock ups.  I would recommend going to see this if you live in Minneapolis, because as members of the proletariat, we'll never be able to afford tickets in a suite.  The suite mock-up has an HD television which simulates the view of the playing field from whichever suite you want.  There's also a mock up of a turf suite, which is similar to the field level suites at Jerruh World.  The patio on the turf suite is actual field sideline grass. Stab me with a rusty spoon, but that's cool as hell.

Just once before I die, I'd like to see a Vikes game from a suite.

Looks like it will be way, WAY cool.  Congratulations rich people for being able to afford such coolness.  Also, I hate you. Moving on from the suites, the center has a mock up of a club seating section, which has 16 seats they'll be using.  They're padded, wide, and with a cup holder.  Basically, an anti-Metrodome seat.

The accompanying video is pretty cool, and the suite mock ups look especially awesome.  Go look at it and get excited, kids, because this is going to be the coolest stadium in the NFL when it's finished, hands down.

The Preview Center is located on the fifth floor of 1010 Metrodome building, and overlooks the new stadium construction site.