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Vikings News And Notes, Feb 26th

The polar vortex has worn out it's welcome

Sean Gardner

I'm a winter guy. I grew up north of the 45th parallel, so cold weather doesn't bug me. I've lived most of my adult life in the South because, you know, that's where all the Army posts or Air Force Bases were that I was stationed at. And I hate hot, humid, weather. I'd much rather be cold then warm, because you can always throw on a sweater or blanket and get warm.

But yeah, I'm ready for winter to be over. Since last we brought you an open thread:

Fearless Leader tells us that the QB pecking order for the upcoming draft might be changing. That's great news for those of us that are fans of ice cream.

From elsewhere around the web:

The man with the coolest beat writer name in the NFL, Master Tesfatsion, gives us a post-combine update regarding Jadaveon Clowney, and who will take him and where, and how that affects the Vikings and their quest for a QB.

Speaking of quarterbacks, one highly respected former QB and personnel analyst says he wouldn't take Johnny Football in the first three rounds. For those of you that like to make the Fran Tarkenton comparison, St. Francis of Bloomington was drafted in the third round.

It looks like the salary cap could actually go as high as $132 million, up from the reported $129 million earlier this month. That's an extra $96 million available for salaries league wide, and puts the Vikings in what we call, technically speaking, 'The Catbird Seat.'

John Holler from Viking Update checks in with some draft scenarios for the Vikings.

Today's musical selection. I've been remiss to not mention the passing of Harold Ramis a couple days ago, a guy that in many ways defined the modern comedy. If your body of work is so awesome that you can't pick a #1 movie from the list, because they're all so did something right. You'll be missed, Mr. Ramis. Godspeed:

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