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Give Us This Day Our Daily Thread: Vikings News And Notes, Feb 4th

The Daily Thread is in a hurry this morning so get in here hurry UP HURRY UP

Jamie Squire

Not a lot of time today. Work beckons.

CCNorseman asks us where have all the coaches gone? If they're fom the old staff, I hope they went with Shrek to Far, Far Away. DONKEY!!

Skol Girl tells us about Arctic Blast, a great Vikings charity event going down in a couple days.

Ted brought you his thoughts on Dan Kadar's mock draft.

From elsewhere around the world wide web:

Here's Dan Kadar's full three round mock draft from Mocking The Draft.

The third round pick the Vikings received from Seattle for the Percy Harvin trade is now set. The Vikings have eight picks in the upcoming draft.

That's it. Gotta run, gotta go. Play nice, watch your language, and remember: Mom is looking over your shoulder when you post GIF's of the ladies. Don't have time for a musical selection, so hum something to yourself. Battle Hymm of The Republic, maybe. Or The Air Force Song. I'll try to be around later, but weather here is making a turn for the worse, and I have a ton of stuff I have to get done before our anticipated early release. See ya!