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Give Us This Day Our Daily Thread, Vikings News For Feb. 5th

The open thread has delayed reporting for work today, because every place outside of Minnesota can't handle more than 2 inches of snow at any given time.

Probably one of the best sacks ever.
Probably one of the best sacks ever.
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

I'm not sure if you guys are at work or not, but I have delayed reporting until 10 because of the latest snowstorm that's piss pounding America.  So, I slept in.  Not even sorry about it, either, because sleeping in on a weekday is awesome.

Here's what we see as we look out across the Vikings landscape from our secret base here on the ice planet Hoth:

Cris Carter told Seahawks wide receiver Doug Baldwin to 'Google me, Bitch'.  Baldwin has now given CC a response.

Arif did a mock draft over at Bleacher Report.

Here's a list of all the free agents the Vikings have.  We'll break that down in the coming days.  If, you know, I can get some time and stuff.

Denver wide receiver Eric Decker will test the free agent waters.  I'd like to see him wearing purple, but that's just me.

No real theme for the music this week.  Here's some Red Hot Chili Peppers:

They probably air guitared and lip synced that video, too. Open rules remain the same. I'll be back later, but right now I gotta go shovel snow.