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Arif Around the Net—Recapping Articles from the Week (Mock Draft, Team Needs, Derek Carr)

A request was made in the comments of one of the mock draft articles that I regularly post updates from around the web when I write articles, so here is the first of hopefully many.

Since I first started posting at the Daily Norseman, I've started writing for random outlets around the internet and haven't been able to reach a lot of the same audience that I would normally have been able to. So here's a link roundup of all the work I've done this past week, and some previous weeks where appropriate.

7-Round Mock Draft, With Player Prospect Videos - Bleacher Report

An evidently popular topic, I've posted a 7-round mock draft over at the Bleacher Report.

The picks are:

8. Derek Carr, QB Fresno State
40. Kyle Fuller, CB Virginia Tech
72. LaMarcus Joyner, CB/S Florida State
96. Ryan Carrethers, DT Arkansas State
104. Trevor Reilly, DE/LB Utah
136. Seantrel Henderson, OL Miami (FL)
168. Shaquil Barrett, DE/LB Colorado State
200. Isaiah Crowell, RB Alabama State

Could Derek Carr Thrive in Norv Turner's Offense? - Cover32

In my Norv Turner piece a while back, I briefly mentioned Derek Carr as a potential fit in Norv Turner's offense. I go into a little bit more detail at Cover32 on that issue.

Minnesota Vikings: Team Needs - DraftMecca

Back in December, I wrote about the Vikings' Needs chart and what it looks like. Back then, I thought it was very likely that the Vikings were going to sign Everson Griffen. If you don't think that's the case, mentally move up the pass rusher position into the higher ranks.

Ranking the Team Needs: Offensive Linemen - Optimum Scouting

I started doing general NFL work for Optimum Scouting, and I ranked every team by their need for offensive lineman as my start.

The Vikings ranked 23rd overall, 22nd in need for an offensive tackle and 16th in need for an interior lineman.

Ranking the Team Needs: Quarterback - Optimum Scouting

I did the same for quarterback, which was a surprisingly difficult task.

The Vikings ranked second overall.

Ranking the Team Needs: Edge Rushers - Optimum Scouting

Edge rushers were my most recent assignment with them, and with three of four players hitting free agency (unless you count Trattou), the Vikings were in surprisingly dire straits: number eight overall.

Ranking the Team Needs: Receivers - Optimum Scouting

Less interesting for Vikings fans is the receiver needs list. In it, I ranked the Vikings 19th overall (higher than I thought), 29th in the slot, 6th in split end and 16th in flanker. There are a lot of good split ends in the league, so it got pushed. It also assumes that Jerome Simpson is not on the team and that Patterson is not yet a classic split end.

5 Players Minnesota Vikings Shouldn't Bring Back Next Season - Bleacher Report

I wrote this article a month ago, but it seemed pretty fun at the time. A lot of folks hated it. Here you go.


If this is the kind of thing you'd like to see regularly from me, please tell me! If not, still tell me!

I should have another Cover32 article going up in the coming hours. If so, I will update this post with that link, and also include it in the next such post, if this continues being a good idea.


Should the Minnesota Vikings fly under the radar for a nose tackle? Cover32

Here's that Cover32 article I mentioned. Will be re-linked next week