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Minnesota Vikings Announce New Coaching Staff

Mike Zimmer has his guys, so did he keep anyone from the previous staff?

Mike Zimmer has assembled his first coaching staff
Mike Zimmer has assembled his first coaching staff
Hannah Foslien

A little while ago, the Minnesota Vikings announced the initial coaching staff under first year head coach Mike Zimmer. They are:


Mike Zimmer


George Edwards, Defensive Coordinator

Mike Priefer, Special Teams Coordinator

Norv Turner, Offensive Coordinator


Robb Akey, Assistant Defensive Line

Jeff Davidson, Offensive Line

Ryan Ficken, Assistant Special Teams

Johnathan Gannon, Assistant Defensive Backs / Quality Control

Jerry Gray, Defensive Backs

Jeff Howard, Defensive Assistant

Klint Kubiak, Assistant Wide Receivers / Quality Control

Andre Patterson, Defensive Line

Drew Petzing, Coaching Assistant

Kevin Stefanski, Tight Ends

George Stewart, Wide Receivers

Scott Turner, Quarterbacks

Kirby Wilson, Running Backs

Adam Zimmer, Linebackers

Three coaches from the 2013 staff were retained in their same positions. Mike Priefer will stay as the special teams coach, Jeff Davidson will coach the o-line, and George Stewart will still coach the wide receiver position.

There are also some coaches sons on the staff, too. Mike Zimmer's son Adam will be the new Vikings linebackers coach, replacing Mike Singletary, and he will be charged with improving quite possibly the worst LB corps in the NFL from 2013. Scott Turner, son of offensive coordinator Norv Turner, will be the Vikings quarterbacks coach, and will also have his work cut out for him there. Klint Kubiak, son of former Texans head coach and current Ravens OC Gary Kubiak, is the assistant WR coach and quality control coach.

I'll be honest, I'm kind of surprised that the Vikings kept Mike Priefer. Yes, he's a very good special teams coach, but considering the controversy surrounding him, Chris Kluwe, and the ongoing investigation from that, the fact that he was retained is surprising. Either the Vikings are confident that the distraction won't be enough to compromise Priefer's ability to handle the special teams, or they refuse to be intimidated by a former player.

I almost have to think, at this point, the Vikings are convinced that nothing will come of the independent investigation and the subsequent Kluwe lawsuit. Think about it--if there was a good chance you would have to dismiss your special teams coordinator, would you keep him on? And no, I really don't think there was any kind of 'eff you' aspect to this at all--Priefer is a good special teams coach, Zimmer wanted the best staff he could assemble, and Priefer provides a bit of continuity from the old staff to the new staff. If that aspect was a big reason, that's a poor decsion making process for your head coach, and it would give me pause.

So there's your new coaching staff. What are your thoughts, Vikings fans?