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Give Us This Day Our Daily Thread: Vikings News And Notes, Feb. 7th

Well, things got kind of interesting yesterday.

Harry Engels

So, you know when things blow up and the world starts going to Hell in a hatbasket? Did you see it coming, or did it hit you from the blindside?

Yesterday kind of hit me from the blindside. What started out as a normal off-season Thursday quickly turned in to a cavalcade of news, much of it good, but a lot of it bad. Unfortunately, the bad outweighed the good, and quickly took all the oxygen out of the room.

Since last we brought you an open thread:

It started out innocently enough with Arif letting us know that he writes for every sports website on the Internet. And every piece is fantastic. Also, 'Arif Hasan' is Spanish for 'The Guy Who Never, Ever Sleeps. Ever.'

Then, around mid morning the Vikings announced that Mike Zimmer's first coaching staff had been finalized. Mike Priefer remained on staff.

A little while later, we had two more mock drafts to talk about.

Yeah, then our little corner of the Internet blew up. Somebody told Chris Kluwe that Priefer was still employed, and the 'potentially ugly situation' of Kluwe suing the Vikings over the whole Kluwegeddon saga had the word 'potentially' removed from it. And within two hours, our little humble corner of the Internet jumped from the middle of the pack to the most trafficked NFL blog in the SB Nation family, a lead we held until well into the evening.


Needless to say, we temporarily forgot about our troubles at quarterback. And I don't mean to demean this story or the over arching issues it entails, but man, it sure would be nice to talk about nothing but football stuff. I think that by the time this is over, we'll long for the days of the Web bots vs. the Pondermaniacs, brotha.

From elsewhere around the web:

New offensive coordinator Norv Turner had his first press conference as a member of the Vikings staff, and it was a good first impression. Too bad no one noticed.

And here's new defensive coordinator George Edwards, who made another good first impression.

In an odd move, special teams coordinator Mike Priefer was not made available to the press...SAID NOBODY.

Chris Tomassen of the Pioneer Press has the best recap on the whole Kluwe news from yesterday.

Tom Powers is keeping score of Kluwe v. Priefer.

Stop me if you've heard this before: Sid Hartman likes the new coaching staff.

Apparently, the DGAF factor was pretty high in Duluth regarding the new stadium last week. So, as the lone commenter to the Strib post glibly pointed out...the only people opposed to the stadium seem to be the folks posting in the Star Tribune comments. Well played, privateeye, well played.

For our musical selection today: I've found that when things really hit the fan, there are three things that can save you. For most of my military life, I relied on the middle of those options. Gotta say, it worked well:

But the Kluwe saga will be resolved with the first and the last, and a lot of both before it's all said and done, I would imagine. And with that, the beer light is on, and the bar is open for business. What's that? Yes, yes that is Kyle over there, passed out behind the bar. No, he didn't leave last night. Yes, he should be fine. Yes, when he does wake up, I'll pass along your concern. When the Kluwe news hit, he just hooked up a bourbon IV into his arm, put on a DVD or Adrian Peterson's Chargers game, and somewhere in the third quarter he passed out.

Yes, we hope he gets some help soon, too.

Open thread rules remain the same, and enjoy your Friday, kids.