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Vikings Release Stadium Seat Licensing Plan

Hey buddy, can you spare $10,000?

In an effort to raise $100 million of their portion of money for the new stadium, the Vikings released their 'stadium builder's plan' for folks that want season tickets.

What's a stadium builder's plan?  Well, it's a one time fee that allows to you get season tickets...and you'll also have to pay for those.  Basically, the better the seat, the more cabbage you're going to have to cough up.  For example, if you want a season ticket in the 'Valhalla Club', your one time seat license fee will be $9,500, plus the cost of season tickets.

Damn, son.

The Vikings will have SBL's for approximately 75% of the seats in the stadium, and the farther away you get from the field, the cheaper they are.  The cheapest SBL is $500, and you have two payment options, 3 years with no interest, or 8 years with an as yet TBD interest charge.

According to the Vikings, some benefits of being a license holder include:

Ability to hold, transfer or sell SBL as fan sees fit after first year

Opportunity to purchase playoff tickets to home games

Considerable savings compared with single-game prices (LOLWUT added by me.  Seriously, you're dropping 10 large for a seat.  Explain to me the savings, again.)

Opportunity to purchase individual game tickets before the general public, and in some cases other event tickets

Some SBL locations will also offer the right of first refusal to purchase tickets to other select events in the facility

There was no mention in the release that if you need to sell a kidney to pay for a license will get your picture on the wall of the Valhalla Club.

However, in an effort to relieve the sticker shock of said licenses, they released a virtual tour of what the new stadium will look like.  And it's pretty damn cool.

So, grab your checkbook.  And your ankles.