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Report: Jared Allen Likely Heading To Denver

No, no, Jared. . .YOU da man!
No, no, Jared. . .YOU da man!
Hannah Foslien

In approximately 12 hours or so, Minnesota Vikings' defensive end Jared Allen will hit the open free agent market for the first time in his career. Until then, however, he's still a member of the Vikings, so here's the latest.

According to our friends over at Mile High Report, the links between Allen and the Denver Broncos have been heating up, so much so that one source has said that he would be "shocked" if #69 didn't end up in the Mile High City shortly after the start of free agency. The writing has been on the wall for Allen for quite a while now, and we anticipated that this would be his last year in Minnesota.

Allen has, undeniably, been a great player in Minnesota throughout his six years here. He's registered 88.5 sacks in his six seasons with the Vikings, including his incredible 22-sack performance in 2011, and never had less than 11 in a season since he was acquired by the Vikings via trade in 2008. He's currently 12th on the all-time career sack list with 128.5, and will likely move into the Top Ten in that category this season (he needs four more to tie Leslie O'Neal and Lawrence Taylor for tenth on the list).

It's a sentiment that we've expressed numerous times over the past couple of days, but wherever Allen goes, here's hoping he has a lot of success. Well, except for when he plays the Minnesota Vikings, of course.