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Minnesota Vikings Free Agency Open Thread


Since I'm guessing we're just about to the point where the standard Open Thread is bogging down, here's another Open Thread now that free agency is officially underway.

One request I'd like to make for this particular Open Thread, though. . .please don't bog this one down with a bunch of GIFs. There's a chance we're going to have people making their way here for information and things of that nature, and we don't want them getting their computers slowed down in their quest for knowledge.

If the Minnesota Vikings do anything in this early stage of free agency, we will have a post up for it shortly thereafter. Until then, this is what we have. We're also including a widget for all of the Vikings' beat writers, since they'll be the ones breaking any news that comes out of Winter Park.

It's the start of the new league year, everybody. . .hang out here and discuss and enjoy it with your fellow Vikings fans! If I'm able, I will attempt to do updates until it's time for me to head to bed. (Remember, I'm ahead of you guys time-wise.)