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Talking Vikings With Minnesota Sports Weekly

The new NFL year seems to be going pretty well for the Minnesota Vikings thus far, and today I got an opportunity to sit down and talk about it with another fan of Minnesota Sports.

Travis Aune, who has a weekly Wednesday podcast about Minnesota sports, took the time to talk about what the Vikings have done thus far this off-season for a full hour. We touch on free agency, the upcoming draft, comings, goings, and a whole lot of other things concerning our favorite football team.

I did this though Skype on my cell phone, but we made it through with just a couple of hiccups. Outside of a couple of issues, I think that things went relatively well overall, though.

If you'd like to listen to everything, the player is embedded below.

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Hopefully you will enjoy the conversation, and I'm sure we'll be doing it again once we get closer to draft day.