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Minnesota Vikings Salary Cap Space: Team Still Has Nearly $24 Million


A lot of folks have been wondering exactly how much salary cap space the Minnesota Vikings have left after the contracts they've signed recently. Well, according to the league, they're still in pretty darn good shape.

According to the latest report from, the Vikings have 56 players under contract, and a current salary cap figure of $108,838,085. That leaves them with $23,947,432 under the salary cap.

Figuring that it's going to take the team about $7 million or so to sign their rookie class, the team has somewhere between $16 million and $17 million to spend going forward. They could do a couple of things to increase that number, such as restructure Chad Greenway's contract (or outright cut him, if nothing can be worked out), but that's where they stand at the present time.

It's nice to know that, even after making a few significant moves over the past week, the Vikings are still sitting pretty and can add a couple of more pieces to their puzzle if they so choose. What do you think they should do with the money?

EDIT: Well, I managed to derp this up quite nicely.

So, ummmm. . .they have less than $24 million. Hopefully the number will be updated soon. We'll effort to get a more updated figure before too long.