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Norse Code Podcast Episode #029—Free Agency Extravaganza, Mailbag, Small Link Roundup

Norse Code hit its biweekly update, and we have #hottakes on free agency, as well as some links from Arif's most recent work—although only one thing depth this week.

Exciting news for the podcast! We're supported by Audible, the leading audiobook provider on the internet. Today, Norse Code talks about free agency, both specific signings and the platitudes you hear every year:

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Download link here. This time the technical problems aren't our fault. There's some echo in the middle that will go away pretty quickly.

Episode Notes:

On another note, I wrote a long story after an interview with North Dakota State quarterback Brock Jensen and a couple of scouts.

Again, we're proud to be brought to you by Audible, and you can support the show by heading over to and starting your free trial. There's no better audiobook service than Audible.

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