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March Madness - Daily Norseman Pool

Are you a fan of college basketball? Join your fellow Daily Norsemen/Women in a friendly bracket challenge!

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

After nearly a full week of free agency frenzy here at the Daily Norseman, we've decided to take a short break from all the football news for something completely different! This post is for all you college basketball fans out there. Over the past several years we've had a community March Madness Pool, and this year is no different. We're all setup at Yahoo, so if you'd like to make your bracket picks amongst other Vikings fans, that is the place to do it. This is just a friendly "for fun" pool with no stakes. The winner just gets bragging rights, although you'll have the option to submit your bracket to the Quicken Loans Billion Dollar competition if you so choose.

Anyway, first you need a yahoo account to participate. So if you don't already have one you can set one up for free. Then, login to your yahoo account!

Second, visit this invite link:, you'll be joining the "CC's Choice Pool".

Third, you'll need to enter the group password, which is: skolvikes

Note, that you'll only have 15 minutes after clicking the invite link before it expires, and the entry deadline is Thursday, March 20th at 1:00am EST. So there are only a few more days left to sign up!

Selection Sunday has already happened, so you should be able to login and make your picks now. Oh, and if you want some extra help making your picks from the SB Nation Mothership, be sure to check out their Bracket War Room. Lastly, if you're not a fan of college basketball, but still want to get in on some March Madness, be sure to check out the Star Wars bracket This Is Madness. They're running it for a 2nd time this year, so we'll see if any of the other characters can unseat last year's champion Yoda! Good luck.