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Teddy Bridgewater Pro Day: Seriously, Just Stop It

Joe Robbins

So, I briefly touched on this yesterday, but I want to expand on this a little further.

Louisville quarterback Teddy Bridgewater had his Pro Day on Monday, and the reviews were that he didn't perform the way a lot of people expected him to. As a result, his draft stock has apparently "slipped" to the point where he might drop to the Minnesota Vikings' spot at #8 overall in the first round.

I can hardly put into words just how laughable this is.

This is the same Teddy Bridgewater that was projected as the #1 overall pick in the 2014 NFL Draft since the day after the 2013 NFL Draft. The guy that has been pegged as a potential "franchise quarterback" since he led the Cardinals to an upset victory over the Florida Gators in the 2013 Sugar Bowl. The man that a lot of folks. . .and yes, I know that you're out there. . .suggested that the Minnesota Vikings throw away their 2013 season to allow themselves to get into position to draft.

But yeah, because he looked bad on one random Monday in March, suddenly we should have questions. Give me a break. Mike Mayock called Bridgewater's Pro Day "average at best." Then again, as much as I like and respect Mike Mayock, he's also on record as saying that the greatest pro day he ever saw from a quarterback prospect was. . .drum roll. . .JaMarcus Russell. And, you know, that worked out really, really well, I think.

In the last two years at Louisville, Bridgewater completed right around 70% of his passes and tossed 58 touchdown passes to 12 interceptions. That's a pretty ridiculous ratio. People want to point to him playing "weaker opponents." He played in the same conference as Blake Bortles, another top quarterback prospect in this year's class, and was superior in every measurable category.

But yeah, let's freak out over the guy's Pro Day.

Look, I know that a lot of folks are absolutely in love with Johnny Manziel, and rightfully so. . .his ceiling is probably higher than Bridgewater's is. But honestly, if the first seven teams in the 2014 NFL Draft feel compelled to pass on Teddy Bridgewater for whatever reasons they might have, Rick Spielman and company would be out of their minds to make it eight teams that pass on him.

Seriously, forget one random workout in March and fire up Bridgewater's game tape. Watch him absolutely shred a Florida defense that went into that Sugar Bowl with the #1 rated pass defense in college football. Watch him thoroughly humiliate just about every defense that he went against in 2013.

Or, you know, freak out because he didn't look good in the middle of March and declare that he doesn't have what it takes to succeed at the next level. Your choice, I guess.