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Sydney Moss Sets NCAA Scoring Record

No, that's not Sydney Moss.
No, that's not Sydney Moss.
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It appears that we have a case of the apple not falling very far from the tree.

On Friday night in the small town of Crestview Hills, Kentucky, sophomore guard Sydney Moss scored 63 points for Thomas More College in the semifinals of the Presidents Athletic Conference Tournament, setting a new NCAA Division III scoring record. The win moved Thomas More College to 27-0 on the season.

Normally that wouldn't be something that goes on a Minnesota Vikings' website, but in this case, it is. See, Sydney Moss is the daughter of former Vikings great Randy Moss, a pretty fair basketball player in his own right. She started out at the University of Florida, but transferred to the smaller college after her freshman year in Gainesville. Congratulations to her on setting the scoring mark.

The slightly more depressing angle to this is the fact that, Randy Moss is now old enough to have a daughter that's old enough to be playing college basketball. Seems like only yesterday that the Vikings drafted Moss in the first place.