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Jared Allen Is Going To Seattle. Maybe. Or Not.

And here's where the speed and power of social media can potentially bite people, ladies and gentlemen.

We mentioned yesterday in the intro to the Open Thread that former Minnesota Vikings' defensive end Jared Allen was making a second visit to Seattle to discuss playing for the Seahawks in 2014. As the day wore on yesterday, it started to come out that Allen and the Seahawks were "in the final stages" of negotiating a deal.

However, as it turns out, the two teams weren't finalizing or signing anything.

Instead, the meeting concluded with Allen and his family (who accompanied him on the trip) getting on a plane and heading back to their home in Arizona. The word from Allen's camp is that he was "considering the Seahawks' offer" and would come to a final decision this weekend.

It would be a bit of an upset of Allen didn't sign with the Seahawks at this point. His options are dwindling, and it's doubtful that any team is going to be willing to meet his contract demands if, in fact, he's looking for the same sort of deal that DeMarcus Ware got from the Denver Broncos. (Denver was rumored to be the favorite to sign Allen prior to the Ware signing.) But if he's going to go somewhere in a part-time role, which he'd almost have to at this point, there aren't many places he could go that would be better than playing for the reigning and defending World Champions.

And, honestly, where else do ex-Vikings go? Well, except for Letroy Guion, I guess. . .but most of the good ex-Vikings wind up in Seattle eventually, don't they?