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The Joe Webb Era Is Dead. Long Live The Joe Webb Era

Never have so many said so much about a guy who, in the end, did so little

The last Joe Webb holdouts protest in front of Winter Park.
The last Joe Webb holdouts protest in front of Winter Park.

Joe Webb will not be on the Vikings in 2014, either as a wide receiver, quarterback, or kick returner.

You may curse or

The semi-legend, who became part super hero, part mythological woodland creature, and part mediocre quarterback and receiver, has a vocal minority of support as strong as any fringe roster guy in NFL history.  Earlier this evening he was signed by the Carolina Panthers as a backup to Cam Newton. The Panthers find themselves in need of quarterback depth now that Cam Newton will miss most, if not all of the off-season, due to ankle surgery.  According to, the Panthers 'love his skill set', and like the idea of having another athletic quarterback in the mix behind Newton.

Wait, I could swear I've heard a coaching staff rave about his skill set before.  I know I have.  I JUST KNOW IT.

Of course, Carolina also released WR Steve Smith, and they suddenly find themselves in need of wide receiving depth, too.  And with Captain Munnerlyn now on the Vikings, maybe the Panthers need a guy who can return punts, or kicks.

Joe's done that before, too.

Webb burst on to the scene in 2010, starting in place of an injured Brett Favre, and leading the Vikings to a stunning upset of the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday Monday Tuesday Night Football, and he also played well in a couple of spot relief performances in 2011. But when teams had an opportunity to gameplan for Joe, he wasn't very good.

And when forced into a playoff start against Green Bay in 2012, he performed at a level of awful that went from frustrating, to maddening, to comical.  Seriously, that was some funny shit by the fourth quarter, once you accepted th fact that the Vikings were going to lose to the Packers in the post-season.  Only a garbage time TD catch and run by Michael Jenkins masked what was an epically bad game.

Is epically a word? Is Joe Webb a quarterback? Is he a wide receiver? I really don't know the answer to any of those questions.

But they are no longer mine to try to answer.  They now belong to Carolina bloggers, as does Joe Webb. Lock, stock, and barrel.

Fare thee well, Joe Webb.  Fare thee well.  Thanks for all the memories and the DN fratricide you caused.