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Minnesota Vikings News And Links, March 24th

We say hello to Vlad The Impaler, goodbye to a myth, and we lament our March Madness brackets

Just half of what would be the Vikings Mt. Rushmore. No biggie.
Just half of what would be the Vikings Mt. Rushmore. No biggie.

My NCAA tournament bracket is in tatters this morning. My bracket kind of reminds me of the German Army. I started off strong, kicking some serious ass by going 14-2 in the opening round. Then I got greedy, and turned towards Stalingrad, aka Kansas winning it all, and now I am in full retreat, with only 5 of 16 teams left. Maybe I can make a last stand somewhere, but yeah, Saturday turned out to be my Red Wedding.

That's right, I just used a German Army and Game of Thrones metaphors in describing my brackets. Anyway, since last we brought you an open thread:

The Vikings are reportedly going to sign Vlad Ducasse. And we shall call him Vlad The Impaler. Or Dracula. I like Vlad The Impaler, but that's just me.

The Vikings have also inquired about LaRod Stevens-Howling. Howling means...Wolfman for a nickname? Yes. Seriously, we could have two guys nicknamed Dracula and the Wolfman on our team. Football acumen aside for either of these guys, we need to make this happen, Rick.

The mock draft database was updated this past weekend, and Johnny Manziel is the clubhouse leader. So help me, I want Manziel to the Vikings so bad I can't stand it. Which of course means it isn't going to happen.

We have over 450 comments on the release of a third string quarterback and 5 or 6 in the depth chart for wide receiver. I'm stunned, amazed, and horrified all at once.

From elsewhere around the web:

The Vikings got a private workout from San Jose State QB David Fales over the weekend.

His Holiness Pope Bud thinks the NFL needs to tweak some things to stay on top. Roger Goodell would be wise to listen.


With that, the bar light is on and your Monday is officially underway. No politics, no religion, no feeding of the trolls, and no monument building for Joe Webb. In honor of most everyone's brackets being torn asunder, the musical selection? Shattered, by the Rolling Stones. At least I think so. You Tube isn't working for me at work, so I couldn't preview/watch the video.

Enjoy your Monday, kids.