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2014 NFL Draft: Updated Vikings Draft Order With Compensatory Picks

So what picks do the Vikings have now that the compensatory picks have been figured out?

A little while ago, the NFL announced that they had awarded all compensatory picks for the 2014 draft, and with that, the 2014 NFL draft order has been finalized.  With comp picks beginning at the end of the third round, it affects the slot number for Vikings picks from rounds 4-7.  So, with that in mind, let's take a look at the finalized draft order for the Vikings:

Round Pick Number
1 8
2 40
3 72
3 96
4 108
5 148
6 184
7 223

Although the Vikings received no comp picks, with eight overall picks, and five within the first 110 selections, Minnesota will be able to address some additional needs, such as linebacker, cornerback, and of course quarterback.

Whether the Vikings wheel and deal to acquire more picks, or use the current picks to try and move up to get a guy remains to be seen, but either way, the Vikings should be able to help themselves out a lot come draft day.