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Minnesota Vikings Free Agency Report: Jared Allen Joins The Bears

It's not like Favre to the Vikings, but

Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sport

It's breaking all over Twitter right now that Jared Allen has signed a contract to play with the Chicago Bears:

Wow, I gotta say that the NFC North is going to be a little weird for fans this year. Julius Peppers goes from the Bears to the Packers, and Allen goes from the Vikings to the Bears. It's a good short term answer for Chicago, who needed a replacement for Peppers after he left.

According to this report from Dan Wiederer, it's a four year deal, but no terms have been released as of yet. It seemed, early on, that Allen might be heading to Seattle, as NFL bylaws specifically state that most former Vikings must play for Seattle in their career.

But Allen exercised the little known 'Alan Page Clause', which allows former Vikings defensive linemen to go to Chicago instead of Seattle. All kidding aside, we wish Jared Allen well in Chicago, except, of course, when he plays the Vikings.

That said, it's going to be odd to see one of my all time favorites playing for the Bears. It probably doesn't rise to the level of emotions Packers fans had when Brett Favre came to Minnesota, but yeah...not gonna lie, it's going to be weird.