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Zimmer: Manziel's Workout A "Sideshow"

Rob Foldy-USA TODAY Sports

My apologies for the lack of updates over the past day or two, folks. . .my computer thought it would be fun to not cooperate with any of the SB Nation sites yesterday, but now it looks like everything is back to normal.

So, Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel had his Pro Day workout in College Station yesterday, and the overwhelming majority of reviews say that he nailed it. However, there was also a lot more. . .I don't know, "pagentry," I guess. . .than most Pro Day workouts generally have.

One guy who was not impressed with the rap music and other trappings was new Minnesota Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer.

We've been over the Vikings' need for a quarterback ad nauseum on this site, and Manziel might be the most polarizing draft prospect that I can remember. Mel Kiper has now apparently said that, after his workout yesterday, Manziel "won't make it out of the top eight."

This goes back to what I said about Teddy Bridgewater's Pro Day at Louisville a while back. Putting too much emphasis on one workout is kind of ridiculous. If you really liked Bridgewater or Manziel before their Pro Day, nothing that they did in those workouts was going to sway you. Same goes for if you really didn't like them before their Pro Day.

Personally, I think that the Vikings would do quite well to get either one of them on May 8. The question now is whether or not either one of them will be there.