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Chris Cook "Counting Down" To Free Agency?

John Grieshop

Free agency gets underway one week from today. . .well, guys can start signing with other teams one week from today. Their agents can start negotiating on Saturday, but they can start signing on 11 March at 3 PM Central time.

One of the Vikings' pending in-house free agents is cornerback Chris Cook. In four years with the Vikings, Cook has played in 34 games (and missed 30) and, according to Pro Football Focus, allowed the most touchdown passes for the secondary that allowed the most touchdown passes in the National Football League in 2013.

Many have thought that Cook would be the sort of guy that new head coach Mike Zimmer would like to keep around, as he does have the physical talent to have an impact and could benefit from Zimmer's guidance. However, a series of tweets Cook put out there has made it appear as though he's not going to be back.

I, for one, am not sure what to make of Cook. He's had his issues and stuff off the field, and up until this past season he had been a fairly decent performer when he's been healthy. It will be interesting to see what kind of market is out there for him.