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Adrian Peterson Says Michael Vick Would Make The Vikings A Playoff Team

Adam Bettcher

Uh oh.

So we mentioned that quarterback is the greatest need for the Minnesota Vikings going forward and, in addition to drafting a quarterback fairly early this May, the Vikings were probably going to have to sign a veteran to bridge the gap if their draftee isn't 100% ready to play in the NFL yet.

Well, star running back Adrian Peterson has cast his vote, and. . .well, here it is.

As The Viking Age points out, it appears that this didn't come out of nowhere. . .the NFL Network had put out this tweet earlier in the day.

As it stands now, Vick might. . .might. . .be the top available name in this year's free agent quarterback class. In this case, that's sort of the equivalent of being the tallest midget little person. Vick is going to turn 34 in June, and hasn't exactly been setting the world on fire the past couple of seasons with the Philadelphia Eagles. I'm not sure what kind of contract he'd demand, either.

I respect AP and his opinions and all. . .but I don't know if I can get behind this one. What do you all think?