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Zimmer Not Happy With Cook

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

We mentioned the other day about cornerback Chris Cook mentioning that he had a conversation with new head coach Mike Zimmer concerning his future with the Minnesota Vikings. Cook mentioned the conversation on his Twitter account, along with what appeared to be a countdown to the beginning of free agency.

Well, apparently the new coach isn't terribly pleased with Cook's social media habits, and said as much in a meeting with local beat writers yesterday.

"My impression is that he probably shouldn't be tweeting about our conversations," Zimmer said. "He's a guy that...I'm trying to figure out how to say this without saying what I told him - he's a guy that has some ability that I've had some luck in the past with, getting guys to play good that have ability. So if he comes back here then I'm going to coach him as hard as I can and see if I can get him to play good."

Cook, as you would expect, took this completely in stride.

Let me translate this whole thing as simply as I can.

"He gone." At least, that's what I can glean from this.