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Matt Cassel Re-Signs with the Vikings

Hannah Foslien

In a last-minute signing on the eve of free agency, the Minnesota Vikings and free agent quarterback Matt Cassel have agreed to terms.  Multiple sources confirmed that Matt Cassel has signed a 2-year deal worth roughly $10 Million dollars.

Last month, Matt Cassel opted out of the 2nd year of his contract, one that would have paid him about $3.7 Million in 2014.  After rumors circled that the Houston Texans were interested in signing the free agent, and coach Zimmer likened that interest to "a lot of pretty girls" being interested in him, ultimately the Vikings' hand was forced and they decided to pay Matt Cassel a little more money to retain his services for this season and next.  The free agent class of quarterbacks was decidedly thin, and after the Jaguars struck a deal with Chad Henne earlier in the day options were running thin for the Vikings in trying to get a veteran quarterback option signed.

Personally, I think this is a great move.  While Cassel didn't light the world on fire last year, he did lead the team to a 3-3 record during his 6 starts and showed some developing chemistry with wide receiver Greg Jennings.  The offense clearly rallied behind him late in the year after a maddening back and forth on the QB carousel.  This move allows the Vikings to stay the course with Matt Cassel in the short term and won't force them to reach for a quarterback in the upcoming draft.  I do think the Vikings should take a quarterback they like in the first few rounds if one is there with the right value, but with Cassel and Ponder on the roster in 2014 the need at quarterback is slightly less than it would have been with only Ponder on board.

Congratulations to Matt Cassel for playing his cards right and getting a couple more years with the Vikings and a pay raise to boot!